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Saturday, December 20, 2008


I think its funny!!

Finally someone is reading my blog and the person is no longer important to me.. but yes...i always get new stories about this person coz-- 'the' person use to be someone important to me.


Few word for you 'the person'...

Im very sure ur not matured enough to know what is the meaning of true love.. and i was looking for a wife.. not lover. So.. I did the right decision.

And please, never ever mention that i let u go, because u were the person who was asking for it hundred times!--REMEMBER that. AGAIN--U ASKED FOR IT!

Last but not least.. now, u have u good guy as ur lover--i, dont put him in one of ur ex-boyfriend list.

Thank u.. but i still found it funny!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I Belive u told me that u HATE me... but u dont mean to.

But, now, I HATE YOU--And I MEAN IT!!!!

I wont be tryin to be the nice KUMARAN!!!!

1 comment:

Cik Donews said...

sungguh pedas..ouch!
tapi mantap..ahaks!