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Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, that was what i was saying to myself lately....


Coz, whenever i get into a press confrence with English speaking people, and press release in english.. i will always make it Bahasa Melayu whenever i get back to the office.

Well, im a good translator.. and even a hard, tipical english word can be a Malay word, and i will make sure that i get the word right.

But, somehow, ive started to realize that i should start doing my stories in english.. at least whenever it has to do with english press release and PC.

Another reason why i must do so (improve my english) is because i want to make sure that 'if' i get an another oppurtunity to do live cross in english.. i wont look stupid.


I was always not confident with my english.

I was born in a typical tamil speaking family. And when my parents want to send me to school... i was so damn into going to sekolah kebangsaan.

Thank god.. my father fulfilled my request and i was send to a sekolah kebangsaan on my early years of school...

And, i manage to improve my malay of course... and i can speak good malay(with all the 'loghat'), and write in a very good malay too.

But english.. hurm....

I have few friends who speak good english when i was in school... but i never learned.. i was so shy to talk in english coz my english at that time is not good at all. well.. it worst ever.

I always see my english speaking friend too good with their english...and i never speak a word whenever the discussion is going hot. I rather listen to what they talking about, rather than interfiering... (I was a good listener at that time)..

But when i get into secondary... ive started to realize that my friends who speaks english all the time is not using the proper word and sentence.. the grammer is not in place.. everything was like 'rojak'!

Then i know that, i dont have to be perfect if i want to speak english. And my teacher was keep on repeating to those students who was like me, to start speaking english even its a broken english.

Well.. then i started to speak english with my 'not english speaking' friends... with our 'tunggang langgang' english of course...

Its a good start... i've improved a lot since then..

I gain my confidence.. i do speak broken english with all the CEO's and the ministers i met.. so what??? As long the person gets what i mean.. and i get my answer.. thats it.. thats all i need.

But why i must improve my english then.. hurm.. recently.. it was Bukit Antarabangsa land slide tragedy, where i was first asked to do my live cross.. first was in malay.. ya.. im confident with my malay cross.. but, then, i got a call from my editor, Mr Pravin asking me to do cross in english.. WHAT!!!!?????

I was forced acctually.. it was like.. u do it, and u dont have an option!

And i did a cross.. they thanked me a lot.. but i know that i sound silly.. well.. make it stupid...and it was during my live cross!!!!! MALUNYA!!!!

I previewed the tape.. it was like hell.. but all the word i get was.. its ok.. improve ur self.. u can do that.. its not a big deal... practise makes perfect...

Well.. since then, ive started to read more articals in english.. english news papers and english books...i try to figure out the words that i dont understand...and i make sure i understand the words...


Well.. this is my first post in english.. as u can see... im learning to deliver my english through each and every medium that is possible for me to do so...

Im gonna keep learing, and apply english into my daily rutin..

Hope that, it will succeed!

(well.. i belive this post is not perfect--but as i said.. im learing, and im practising.. and practise makes perfect! KAN?)



Syazsy said...

I started speaking english when I was 13. I was never born in an-english-fam (family).

My mom's an english and M3 teacher in a primary school. I was taught english and M3 a lot but unfortunately I was only keen on learning Eng rather than M3.

I hate maths despite all the support that I got frm friends.

I always scored A for english. but in primary, i spoke BM but still get A fr english. English was not my lingo at tht time because I was in a typical malay environment..

u know lah... typical malay .. they dnt speak in english.

so, when i got into secondary.. i actually got myself into the highest profile school in PJ and that is Assunta. In assunta, when u walk around the school.. the students speak in english like nobodys business... they speak eng. as if BM never existed...

so nak tanak, I had to start speaking english .. and i started when I was 13. and yes of course it was all broken and everything... but i mastered speaking eng. fluently when i was 16.

my eng. is not 100% perfect. same goes for my BM.

they are 50-50. thats why i always rojak my language. u wanna improve right? the next time we meet.. speak english to me :)

catch u around and thanks fr the supper :)

Syazsy said...

type aku ni...

bila berckp im perfect...lancar. but when u ask me to write in english... im half gone lah.

ada kwn aku lg sorang.. bila tulis in english.. mg superbb... serious.. tp bila berckp... broken meroyannn!

tulah setiap manusia ada pros and cons kan...

tak boleh nk perfect :)

i support u . u should start doing stories in english..

Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

i guess u already knew, i dun speak english at college.not that i can't, i just don't.huhu..i can write though..(actually mmg nk jadi writer), tp speaking tu, bgantung dgn siapa.hey gudluck yah?

It's My Life....full of joys and loves said...

Kumar...go kumar you can...just ask your teacher...sis azura to help you...she's my teacher as well...learned lot from her...